Taking my own advice. Fail

This week the kids and I have been struck down by some despicable illness, the details of which, although felt pretty grim I won’t detail here. I have ultimately been completely unable to take my own advice of staying mindful during bouts of illness. But mindfulness, tolerance, patience and general well-being are a learning curve to me, and by the end of the week I had found that staying calm helped on all levels with our recovery.



How to be mindful when you feel like crap

Recently I’ve found it pretty easy to be calm, but yesterday I woke up feeling absolutely dreadful. The kids have decided to be kind with their virus and I have spent the day feeling like a narcoleptic, eyes slightly jarred and head heavy as a brick.
But with 2 kids (one at home ill from school) to look after it’s impossible to just curl up into a ball and sleep yourself better. I’ve compiled a few ideas as to what has been helping, and thought I’d share my top tips here:
1. Stay Positive – when you feel rough, it’s easy for your mood to drop and make you feel downright depressed, (I’m assuming its not just me!) That is why it is so important to try and remain positive. Think about things you love, smile, watch things that make you laugh. Ultimately the idea is to try and drag your mind and mood up.
2. Breathe – (if you can) just to remind yourself that you are alive and you will get better. Just sit quietly when you can and rest, taking slow and long breaths gets you more in touch with your body and releases naturally occurring brain chemicals which will in turn help to boost your mood.
3. Hydrate – water, water and more water, keep your fluids up.
4. Medicate paracetamol. I just can’t bare it when people feel crap and don’t medicate. If the kids feel rubbish too then Calpol them up. Don’t be a martyr.
5. Immunity Boost – drink and eat as many healthy things as you possibly can. Fruit, Vegetables, Multi-Vitamins, Black Tea, Garlic. Read up on all the foods that can boost your immune system.
6. Let the kids run riot – Depending on the age of your children depends on how much free-rein you can give them when you feel rubbish. But trust me, I’ve been ill with babies, toddlers, young children. It is ok if they entertain themselves, make a mess, wreck the house, watch tv all day whilst you recoup. At the end of the day you can’t look after kids if you don’t have the strength and energy yourself. The world will not end if the living room ends up looking like the aftermath of a bomb detonation.
7. Leave the housework – Who cares for today – see #5
8. Sleep – Go to bed as early as the children do. If they won’t go to sleep, just go to bed with them. Honestly nothing will make you feel better more than this will.
 The thing is that there is no miracle cure for viruses. The most important thing to remember is that the illness will pass off. When you get better try to be healthier – eat good and immune boosting foods, feed them to your kids, try and take more exercise. I’m already planning the ways in which I will make sure I never get ill again! (delusion) Illness really seems to bring home a sense of my own mortality, which I instantly forget as soon as I’m well again. We’re all fallible, it’s only human. Be kind to yourself and keep trying.